Foods And Beverages To Avoid During Pregnancy - What Not To Eat?

There are lots of things we need to take care of during pregnancy. Among them, we should also be very careful while eating and drinking.


Parents with first pregnancy might be unknown of foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy.



All food we consume in our daily life may not be good during pregnancy. Because it can cause health risks or allergies to both mother and/or baby.


So, we should have some idea or knowledge regarding the effect of foods on both baby and mother during pregnancy.

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Pregnant Women Should Not Gain Too Much Weight


A research team at the University of Alberta in the United States has warned that pregnant women who gain a lot of weight in the early days of pregnancy are three times more likely to give birth to large and obese children.


A study of 172 pregnant women found that women who gained weight in the first week of pregnancy gave birth to relatively large and long babies.