Early Puberty: Why Sexual Maturity Is Seen Early In Today's Children?

Most children today have premature sexual maturity.


In other words, the development of their genitals, menstruation, breast development, etc have begun to happen quickly. Such a change is being seen all over the world.



After all, why do today's children show early sexual maturity?


There is no single reason for this. Researchers point out that there are a number of factors, including the impact of climate change, on their diet and access to sexually explicit material. 



Sexual maturity at a younger age than normal is usually not a major physical problem. But they are not mentally mature as they are physically mature at this age.


This has added mental problems to them. It has also caused sexual perversion. We have been hearing and reading from various media about the occurrence of sexual acts in young children.


12, 13-year-old boys are tempted to have sex with girls of their own age. This is one of the dangers posed by sexual maturity in children.


According to sex psychologists, sexual maturity is on the rise in children worldwide. This has increased the security pressure on parents. There is a need to be aware that your children may be vulnerable to their classmates.


From increasing global warming to radiation emitted from the use of electronic devices is said to have played a role in this kind of change. Now children's nutrition has also played a role in bringing sexual maturity.


The use of pesticides in food, and the use of antibiotics is more, so it has brought hormonal disturbances in the body. Ingredients, including antibiotics used in poultry feed, have entered the body of children through the same chicken meat.


Medicines used to make vegetables and fruits grow faster have a direct effect on the health of children. This is said to increase their sexual maturity.


Today's children can easily watch sexual content through mobiles, laptops, TVs, etc. At a young age, they are found to enjoy sexual audio-visual material.


This kind of material is also inciting them to commit sexual acts. To solve this problem, the child should be given accurate and factual information about sex at an early age.


They need to be informed about the physical changes that are taking place in them. Whether it is menstruation or reproductive organ transplantation, children need to be informed about its natural process.


Parents should try to be friendly with their children, get along with them, and try to understand their moods.


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