Why Does Pubic Hair Grows Too Fast And How To Soften Pubic Hair?

Does your pubic hair actually grow a bit faster than the hairs on your head?


Those people who trim their pubic hair on a regular basis think that it grows faster than needed.


Pubic hair grows damn too fast


For us, it might look like our pubic hair is on steroid-fueled regrowth or magical hair. Because we might feel that it grows faster than the rest of the hair but that is not exactly true. 



In  fact, it is just an optical illusion. When we shave the pubic hairs, we can see or feel the rapid growth of it as compared to hairs on the head which are usually long enough.


We probably notice the regrowth portion of hair on our heads. However, it also depends on medications and hormone balance in the body.


All hair follows three stages of cycles regardless of its location. They are growth, stagnation, and falling out. It may be the reason why pubic hairs grow quickly as compared to the head's hairs.


How To Soften Pubic Hair:

The hairs on genital parts are usually rough and curly. And many people want to get rid of this rough pubic hair. Here are a few things or steps you need to follow to soften your pubic hairs:

1)  Of course, shaving can make the pubic area clean and smooth but never ever shave or trim these hairs in the opposite direction from the growth of hairs.

2) If you use shaving cream, be mindful of using a cream that is rich in natural ingredients.

3) You can use Vitamin E oil on pubic hair to make it smooth.


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