Foods And Beverages To Avoid During Pregnancy - What Not To Eat?

There are lots of things we need to take care of during pregnancy. Among them, we should also be very careful while eating and drinking.


Parents with first pregnancy might be unknown of foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy.



All food we consume in our daily life may not be good during pregnancy. Because it can cause health risks or allergies to both mother and/or baby.


So, we should have some idea or knowledge regarding the effect of foods on both baby and mother during pregnancy.

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Early Puberty: Why Sexual Maturity Is Seen Early In Today's Children?

Most children today have premature sexual maturity.


In other words, the development of their genitals, menstruation, breast development, etc have begun to happen quickly. Such a change is being seen all over the world.



After all, why do today's children show early sexual maturity?


There is no single reason for this. Researchers point out that there are a number of factors, including the impact of climate change, on their diet and access to sexually explicit material. 

Where Did Hot And Sexy Actress Jasmine Of 'Veerana' Disappear?

Veerana's hot and sexy actress Jasmine is DEAD OR ALIVE? The INTERNET is going CRAZY to know the answer.


Ramsay Brothers made a horror movie 'Veerana' in 1988 and actress Jasmine became famous from this movie.


And there is a rumor that after the movie 'Veerana', Jasmine started getting threatening phone calls from the underworld.


hot and sexy actress Jasmine


Jasmine, the lead actress of the film 'Veerana', may disappear from Bollywood, but she has never disappeared from the minds of the people.


Jasmine was such a ghost that people weren't afraid of her, instead, they were crazy about her. 

Woman Says TikTok Saved Her Life

A woman has thanked her TikTok followers for saving her life.


Her TikTok followers recognized a danger for her and let her know about it.




Jade Jules, 27, had spotted the symbol ‘1F’ drawn on top of her black bin as she went to put her rubbish outside in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, on January 12.


She then uploaded a video asking others if they knew what it meant. She was later left terrified after several people informed her it was a gang symbol, indicating she was a female alone on the property. 

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A 5-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Mother In The World

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado becomes the confirmed youngest mother in the world recorded in medical history after delivering a son at the age of 5.


The five-year-old's parents discovered she was pregnant after her abdomen began to grow and she started having stomach pains.


Lina Medina is a Peruvian woman born on 23 September 1933. She gave birth to his son when she was 5 years 7 months and 21 days.


Five-year-old Lina Medina cradles her baby shortly after giving birth in Peru in 1939


On May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a baby boy via cesarean section as her young pelvis was too small for a natural birth.


When Lina Medina's stomach began growing, doctors were certain she was suffering from a large tumor as she was only 5 years old at that time.


But after running medical tests they found she was seven months pregnant after being raped. And weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

In India, people have been protesting against China by carrying placards with a map of United States instead of a map of China

Ever since the Galwan Valley clashes, voices of Chinese boycott have been heard across India.


Some are trying to get rid of Chinese software, while others are busy exchanging lists of Chinese products not to be used.


भारतमा चीनको बिरूद्ध बिरोध प्रदर्शन गर्दा चिनको नक्शाको साटो अमेरीकाको नक्शा भएको प्लेकार्ड
Placards with US map instead of Chinese map during anti-China protests in India


In Surat, a family took their TV out of the balcony and threw it away.


And a group of shop owners in the popular Hong Kong market in Siliguri decided to change the name and not sell Chinese products in the entire market.


These are some of the leading examples of anti-China sentiment that has pervaded the country. 

Foods You Should Avoid Reheating

Usually, we heat the food a second time to make it hot and eat. As it is our habit to eat most of the food hot.


In some cases, we cook the food beforehands and after finishing some work we reheat it again and eat it. Or we reheat leftover foods to eat.



But if you have such a habit, be careful now. Studies have shown that reheating foods can be fatal.


So, it is better to know the foods you should avoid reheating.


Because, when food is reheated, the nutrients in these foods are destroyed.


There is also a risk of food poisoning when reheated or heated for the second time.


What are the foods that should not be heated a second time? 

Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?

Sex is a very Confidential and private experience for everyone. People use their own methods to make their sex life enjoyable.


It has been found that couples who experience sexual intercourse by adopting different times/schedules and methods want to experience sexual intercourse even on the day of fasting.


But they have one question in their mind, "Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?"



Physicians say that many people are confused and curious about whether to have sexual intercourse while fasting. There are also many who go to sex experts with curiosity interested in intercourse while fasting.


Physicians have responded to such inquiries by saying that it is not advisable to have sexual intercourse during fasting, from a religious point of view as well as from the point of view of one's physical and mental health. 

10 Formulas To Make Your Face Glow In Summer Season

In the summer season, the sun's rays damage our skin (glow on the face).


So it's very challenging to keep a glow on your face during the summer.


अनुहारमा चमक


In order to make your face glow in the summer season, more care is needed than at any other time.


Therefore, use the following methods to bring radiance or brighten your face in the summer.