A 5-Year-Old Girl Becomes Youngest Mother In The World

Lina Marcela Medina de Jurado becomes the confirmed youngest mother in the world recorded in medical history after delivering a son at the age of 5.


The five-year-old's parents discovered she was pregnant after her abdomen began to grow and she started having stomach pains.


Lina Medina is a Peruvian woman born on 23 September 1933. She gave birth to his son when she was 5 years 7 months and 21 days.


Five-year-old Lina Medina cradles her baby shortly after giving birth in Peru in 1939


On May 14, 1939, she gave birth to a baby boy via cesarean section as her young pelvis was too small for a natural birth.


When Lina Medina's stomach began growing, doctors were certain she was suffering from a large tumor as she was only 5 years old at that time.


But after running medical tests they found she was seven months pregnant after being raped. And weeks later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 



Her baby was born a healthy 6lbs and named Gerardo in honour of the doctor who delivered him. Until he was 10, he believed Lina to be his sister.


When Gerardo was born, the doctor discovered that despite only being five years old, Lina had mature sexual organs and suffered from a condition called precocious puberty.


Lina Medina was born in Peru and her parents were Tiburelo Medina, a silversmith, and Victoria Losea. Lina Medina was one of nine children.


Medina has never revealed the father of the child nor the circumstances of her impregnation. Lina's father was arrested on suspicion of child sexual abuse, but he was released due to a lack of evidence, and the biological father was never identified.


Her son grew up healthy. He died in 1979 at the age of 40 from a bone marrow disease.


She got married to Raul in the 1970s and gave birth to her second son at the age of 39.


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