Religious people watch more and more pornographic movies

According to research, people who practice religion, i.e. spiritual/religious people, are found to be very addicted to pornographic movies or pornographic content.


These people are more likely to watch pornographic material than normal people.


Joshua Guber, the lead author of the study and a student studying psychology at Case Western Reserve University, said the results of the study surprised everyone.



Because we don't expect such sexual things from religious people. 



Guber conducted separate surveys on the power of people's faith, religious practices, the habit of watching P*** online, and the moral perception of the subject.


The first study (Power of People's Faith) was conducted by 331 female students of American universities under graduation.


In the second study (religious practice) 97 students from religious-affiliated universities participated.


In the third study (addiction to watching P*** online) 208 adults were surveyed online.


In the end, the survey found that there was no connection between religious people and people watching P*** movies or content.


The study also found that religious people are addicted to pornography and It has been concluded that such people watch a lot of P*** movies online.

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