Lesser Known Or Unknown Interesting Facts About Men's Penises

Still, in some societies, many people feel embarrassed when talking about sex. Even in the modern age, people who talk about sex are considered a stigma by society.



Even if people can't discuss such things outside due to fear of society, people still discuss about sex in their minds or with their friends.  

Here are some interesting facts about the penises of men we don't know:

1) The word "p****" in English is derived from Latin and it means "tail".


2) The aroused penises can be divided into two types: long and thick. In the world, 21% of men get a thicker p**** when aroused/erected, while the remaining 79% of men have a longer p****. In general, Mongolian races have been found to have shorter and thicker penes while Aryan races have longer penes.


3) When the penis is aroused/erected, its average length range from 4.5 inches to 6 inches. This is the average size of the penis in the world. However, some men are dissatisfied with the size of their penises. But women have no interest in the size of their partner's penises.


4) Angel’s Lust refers to the state of arousal/erection of the penises of a dead person.


5) The penises of humans' is the largest among all the creatures on earth. Because the size of the penis is measured comparatively. For example, the penises of a male elephant is much larger than ours, but compared to its body, its p**** tends to be much smaller than ours. This means that even though the human body is small, the penises tends to be relatively larger than other creatures.


6) On average, the penises is aroused 11 times in 24 hours, out of which 9 times are aroused at night.


7) In order to be completely hard or erected penises, 130 milliliters of blood should be transfused, and the same amount of blood should run at a speed of 2 miles per second. To achieve this speed, tiny veins (0.5 mm in diameter) in the loose penises double in size and cause the blood to flow at that rate.


8) Instead of the brain, the spinal cord sends signals for eja-culation. Isn't that amazing? Until now, we thought that the brain sends signals!


9) As recorded in history, the smallest p**** till now is found to be only 5/8 part of 1 inch. However, the largest p**** is found to be 13 inches long.


10) Wake up if you are under the illusion that only mature men are aroused or erected. Because the p**** of the child in the mother's womb also gets aroused/erected.


11) In fact, the size of our penises is double what we see. Half of the p**** is attached to the inner bone. If you look at the penises from the root to the tip attached to the bone, it looks like a 'sickle' shape.


12) Research has shown that smoking reduces the size of the penises by a centimeter. Smoking covers the lining of our blood vessels with calcium, which causes the penises to become impaired, impairing blood circulation and reducing the full capacity of the penises.


13) Some people are found to have two penises, and such a condition is known as ‘Diphallia'.


14) There are not any bones in the human penises. And still, we can hear "broken penises" in news. In fact, the rapid movement of blood during arousal or erection causes the fibers in the penises to stretch, causing the penises to become erect and hard. Therefore, a 'broken penises' means the loss of these fibers. As soon as this happens, the penises become weak and there is unimaginable pain.


15) 1 out of every 400 men is so flexible that they can put their penises in their mouths and have oral sex.

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