Don't Ever Eat These Foods With Milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious foods we use in our daily life. Especially for vegetarians, milk is the best and most reliable nutritious food.


Milk has many health benefits. And it also benefits the brain a lot. If we drink a glass of milk daily, it will be very beneficial to our brain.


cow and milk


We should be careful while consuming milk with other foods. The following are the conditions under which milk should not be used: 



Here are some foods that should not be consumed with milk:


1) Salt and bitter gourd should never be eaten with milk. It has a negative effect on health.


2) Milk should not be consumed with radishes, berries, fish, etc. Eating these things with milk has the opposite negative effect. Consuming milk in this way can also cause skin problems.


3) Never eat yogurt immediately after drinking milk. Consuming yogurt and milk together increases the risk of skin diseases.


4) Taking lemon or lemon with milk is also very harmful. So even if you forget, don't eat lemon/lime with milk.


5) Consuming milk and sesame seeds together is also harmful. Consumption of milk and sesame seeds together is more likely to cause skin diseases.


It is beneficial to drink milk 2-3 hours before going to bed. However, drinking hot milk before going to bed is very likely to cause nocturnal emissions (Wet dreams or nightfall).

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