Where Did Hot And Sexy Actress Jasmine Of 'Veerana' Disappear?

Veerana's hot and sexy actress Jasmine is DEAD OR ALIVE? The INTERNET is going CRAZY to know the answer.


Ramsay Brothers made a horror movie 'Veerana' in 1988 and actress Jasmine became famous from this movie.


And there is a rumor that after the movie 'Veerana', Jasmine started getting threatening phone calls from the underworld.


hot and sexy actress Jasmine


Jasmine, the lead actress of the film 'Veerana', may disappear from Bollywood, but she has never disappeared from the minds of the people.


Jasmine was such a ghost that people weren't afraid of her, instead, they were crazy about her. 



After the movie Veerana, the distance between Bollywood and Jasmine began to widen. Before this movie, Jasmine had done two other films, 'Sarkari Mehamaan' (‘सरकारी मेहमान’) in 1979 and 'Divorce' in 1984.


But Jasmine did not act in any movie after Veerana. The film is so far away, she has not been seen anywhere.


People keep searching for her on the internet. Some want to know her real name, while others want to know where she lives.


But no one in the film industry really knows anything about her. Two or three theories are related to her, but none of them was 100% sure.


Some people say that after this movie, she got a call from the underworld. All the mafias and dons wanted to spend a night with her.


There is a rumour that troubled by this, Jasmine left the country and is now living in the United States. She is believed to have married an American citizen.


On the other hand, some people think that she is not alive in this world. While some say she got married and settled in Jordan.


Before getting a break in Bollywood in 1979, no one exactly knows what Jasmine used to do and where she lived.


Remember, "Veerana" was a very hit movie of that time. It was also the scariest movie of that time.


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