Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?

Sex is a very Confidential and private experience for everyone. People use their own methods to make their sex life enjoyable.


It has been found that couples who experience sexual intercourse by adopting different times/schedules and methods want to experience sexual intercourse even on the day of fasting.


But they have one question in their mind, "Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?"



Physicians say that many people are confused and curious about whether to have sexual intercourse while fasting. There are also many who go to sex experts with curiosity interested in intercourse while fasting.


Physicians have responded to such inquiries by saying that it is not advisable to have sexual intercourse during fasting, from a religious point of view as well as from the point of view of one's physical and mental health. 

In Bangladesh Marriage Is Arranged Between Father And Daughter And Forced To Share Husband With Her Mother: What A Tradition?

There are many traditions (bad practices) in this sinful world that we are mostly ignorant of. Can anyone even imagine to share husband With her mother? Of course not.


Usually no girl agrees to marry her father or even think about it. But in one community in Bangladesh, father-daughter marriages are considered normal.


Daughter "Orola" and mother "Parbin" with their common husband "Notten"


This tradition is prevalent in the Mandi Janajati community of Bangladesh. The young women here have been dreaming of marrying their father since childhood.


Because when they get a little older, the girls get married to their own mother's husband i.e. father.

Shorter People Are Good At Sex

If you are not tall and is worried about your height, stop being worried. A study shows that shorter people are better in bed or sex than taller ones.


The study found that shorter people were more likely to be strong/good during sexual intercourse than taller people.


होचा व्यक्ति सेक्समा अव्वल


As per this study, people whose height is less than 5 feet 9 inches have much better sexual ability than taller people.


This study also showed that short people can have more fun in bed.