In Bangladesh Marriage Is Arranged Between Father And Daughter And Forced To Share Husband With Her Mother: What A Tradition?

There are many traditions (bad practices) in this sinful world that we are mostly ignorant of. Can anyone even imagine to share husband With her mother? Of course not.


Usually no girl agrees to marry her father or even think about it. But in one community in Bangladesh, father-daughter marriages are considered normal.


Daughter "Orola" and mother "Parbin" with their common husband "Notten"


This tradition is prevalent in the Mandi Janajati community of Bangladesh. The young women here have been dreaming of marrying their father since childhood.


Because when they get a little older, the girls get married to their own mother's husband i.e. father.



If the mother marries another man after the death of her birth father, the daughters have to marry their stepfather.


It is customary in this caste for women to marry another man of their own family after the death of their husband.


Due to such a culture, daughters work better in the kitchen than their mothers to attract husbands and try to make them happier in bed as well than their mothers.


Since the daughter is much younger than the mother and the youth is full, fathers prefer to sleep with daughters than mothers.


Mothers, on the other hand, adds wild herbs to their daughters' food so that their husband can spend the night with them. This cause daughters to vomit and the mothers can spend the night in the same bed with their husband.


A similar incident took place between a daughter named 'Orola Dalbot' and her mother 'Parvin Rema'. When both of them wanted to sleep with their common husband "Noten".


There are about 2 million people of the Mandi caste in Bangladesh. People of this caste are also known as Garo.


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