Woman Says TikTok Saved Her Life

A woman has thanked her TikTok followers for saving her life.


Her TikTok followers recognized a danger for her and let her know about it.




Jade Jules, 27, had spotted the symbol ‘1F’ drawn on top of her black bin as she went to put her rubbish outside in St John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, on January 12.


She then uploaded a video asking others if they knew what it meant. She was later left terrified after several people informed her it was a gang symbol, indicating she was a female alone on the property. 



The marking is supposedly done to let others know she is an easy target for crimes such as robberies, sex trafficking, or rape.


when I saw it. I took out my phone, recorded it, and posted it on TikTok because I had zero clue about what it meant.


‘I thought people on TikTok would know and help me, which they did. I’m very thankful for everyone who helped me.


source: metro

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