Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?

Sex is a very Confidential and private experience for everyone. People use their own methods to make their sex life enjoyable.


It has been found that couples who experience sexual intercourse by adopting different times/schedules and methods want to experience sexual intercourse even on the day of fasting.


But they have one question in their mind, "Is Sex Allowed During Fasting?"



Physicians say that many people are confused and curious about whether to have sexual intercourse while fasting. There are also many who go to sex experts with curiosity interested in intercourse while fasting.


Physicians have responded to such inquiries by saying that it is not advisable to have sexual intercourse during fasting, from a religious point of view as well as from the point of view of one's physical and mental health. 



The doctor who has been providing counseling on sexual problems for a long time says that it is better not to have sexual intercourse as both men and women are physically and mentally weak during fasting.


Especially during festivals like Teej and Ramadan, women are fasting without drinking water. At this time, they are physically weak. The energy in the body does not go from outside and the energy inside is working for a long time.


In such a case, intercourse can be painful. Having sex during fasting is not beneficial as it consumes energy from the body.


According to the doctor, if a man has sexual intercourse without understanding the desire of a woman during fasting, it can cause problems. Doctors also say, before starting sexual intercourse, one should pay attention to its limits, dignity, and moral values as well.


"Sexual intercourse against social and moral norms brings pain, not pleasure," the doctor said. "Trying to have sex against a woman's will is rape."


According to doctors, women do not agree to have sexual intercourse during this time as the theology (religious scriptures) also state that sexual intercourse should not be done during fasting.


It would be foolish to try to enjoy sex on the day of fasting. "There are plenty of other days for intercourse and sexual pleasure," the doctor said.


According to sex experts, both husband and wife need to understand each other's reactions and need to make sexual intercourse extremely enjoyable.


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