Shorter People Are Good At Sex

If you are not tall and is worried about your height, stop being worried. A study shows that shorter people are better in bed or sex than taller ones.


The study found that shorter people were more likely to be strong/good during sexual intercourse than taller people.


होचा व्यक्ति सेक्समा अव्वल


As per this study, people whose height is less than 5 feet 9 inches have much better sexual ability than taller people.


This study also showed that short people can have more fun in bed.  




This research was done on the basis of men's sexual ability, special traits, age, height, weight, and health.


And in the course of this test, they find out that short men are more powerful and perfect than tall men.


This study also found that men whose height is less than 5 feet 9 inches could have more sex as compared to taller men.


This study included men aged between 20 to 54. And this research is published in Discover Magazine.


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Source: Discover Magazine

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