96-Year-Old Woman Still Offering Sex Services, And Earns £50,000 A Year

At what age can a person earn by doing physical labour or sex business? There may be different answers to this, some may say that age is at most 60-70 years.


९६ वर्षको उमेरमा पनि महिला यौन व्यवसाय मा सक्रिय


It may seem strange that even at the age of 96, this woman is running a sex business.


She is still earning around £50,000 annually from this business (sex services). And she had been paid up to £800 a time for her sex service.  



Another startling secret, she has regular clients aged between 29 and 92.


Moreover, she argues that so far everyone has been given sexual satisfaction and no one of them were disappointed.


This 96-year-old British woman is Milly Cooper.


When her husband died in 1945, she chose to be a prostitute to support herself and her young daughter.


She began to work as a prostitute at the end of World War II. Cooper claims to have slept with 3,500 men.

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