In India, people have been protesting against China by carrying placards with a map of United States instead of a map of China

Ever since the Galwan Valley clashes, voices of Chinese boycott have been heard across India.


Some are trying to get rid of Chinese software, while others are busy exchanging lists of Chinese products not to be used.


भारतमा चीनको बिरूद्ध बिरोध प्रदर्शन गर्दा चिनको नक्शाको साटो अमेरीकाको नक्शा भएको प्लेकार्ड
Placards with US map instead of Chinese map during anti-China protests in India


In Surat, a family took their TV out of the balcony and threw it away.


And a group of shop owners in the popular Hong Kong market in Siliguri decided to change the name and not sell Chinese products in the entire market.


These are some of the leading examples of anti-China sentiment that has pervaded the country. 



But the most interesting and ridiculous thing happened when they chanted anti-China slogans and protested against China by carrying placards with a map of the United States instead of a map of China.



There seems to be a serious lack of knowledge among those chanting slogans against Chinese products.


And many still do not know or deny that India is still heavily dependent on China. And the picture is going viral online as a joke.


Source: Indiatimes

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