Shorter People Are Good At Sex

If you are not tall and is worried about your height, stop being worried. A study shows that shorter people are better in bed or sex than taller ones.


The study found that shorter people were more likely to be strong/good during sexual intercourse than taller people.


होचा व्यक्ति सेक्समा अव्वल


As per this study, people whose height is less than 5 feet 9 inches have much better sexual ability than taller people.


This study also showed that short people can have more fun in bed.  

96-Year-Old Woman Still Offering Sex Services, And Earns £50,000 A Year

At what age can a person earn by doing physical labour or sex business? There may be different answers to this, some may say that age is at most 60-70 years.


९६ वर्षको उमेरमा पनि महिला यौन व्यवसाय मा सक्रिय


It may seem strange that even at the age of 96, this woman is running a sex business.


She is still earning around £50,000 annually from this business (sex services). And she had been paid up to £800 a time for her sex service.