Tips For Making Eyes Beautiful And Attractive- Eye Makeup Tips

The eyes are the most sensitive organ, so we should be careful while taking eye makeup tips and take care of it. The structure of eyes varies from person to person.



Those who are blessed with almond-shaped eyes are really considered to be lucky as they have to be the ideal eyes. So when doing the eyes makeup, do the according light and dark changes and give your eyes the almond shape.


There are various eye makeup tips to make your eyes more expressive. Some tips are as below: 



Eye shadow Application Technique

1) Use a fine and blunt-ended application brush, and apply gently the base color to the eyelid from the edge of the nose to the outer corners.


2) If you feel your eyes need to be highlighted more, blend in a deeper shade and apply it till the crease line.


3) To make your eyes look wide and open, The brow bone should always be highlighted with a lighter shade.


4) Before applying the Eyeshadow to the eyelids, do not forget to test the colors on the back of your hand to verify their intensity.


5) Try using 3-4 colors, but all colors should be blended well to reveal the actual color.



Eye Liners Application Technique

The first step which you should take is – to test it on the back of your hand to see the amount of pressure with which you should apply. If you are not an expert, first try steadying your elbow on a flat surface.


You have to work from the inside of your eyes to the outer corners and make a fine line that is also even.


1) Pencil Eyeliner Application Technique:

The method is similar to that of applying liquid eyeliner. Pencils would also define your eyes or extend your eyes in the proper manner. Always sharpen it before applying it to your eyelids. If it is broken or blunted, the entire effect of shaping up your eyes gets lost.


2) Mascara Application Technique:

To get the best results, you have to first look down and brush the top eyelashes from the roots in the downward position, and then you have to look up and brush the top lashes upwards. You have to do it for the second time to make the look more prominent. Lastly, brush off with a clean dry brush for separating the eyelashes.



8 steps formula to get expressive eyes

1) Prepare your eyes with the help of a concealer – Concealer can be used to cover up dark circles or other blemishes.


2) Apply eye base powder to your eyelids – Applying an eye base will help you keep the Eye-shadow intact for hours.


3) Apply the eye shadow – Start off with a light shade and work up to the eyebrow. Slowly make the colors deep and do not forget to blend them well.


4) Follow with eyeliner – Dark eyeshadows will work wonders with eyeliners.


5) Brighten your eyes with a highlighter


6) Highlight your eyebrow


7) Curl the eyelashes


8) Apply mascara


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