Potato Is Not Only For Eating, It Can Also Be Use As Medicine, Cleaning Agent And For Makeup

The potato, the king of vegetables, is very useful in terms of health. An average-sized potato has only 110 calories, it does not contain fat, sodium, and cholesterol.


Potatoes are sometimes used as vegetables, chips, and as french fries.


Potatoes can be used not only for food but also as medicine, a cleaning agent, and make-up as well.





Other important uses of potatoes:

1) Use potatoes to clean the dishes:

Potatoes contain oxalic acid. Therefore, it can also be used to clean iron utensils and glass.


Potatoes can also be used to remove stains on metal objects. Even washing the dishes with salt on the potatoes removes the stains on the metal dishes.


Similarly, it is also beneficial to use potatoes for shining glass. When the potato is rubbed on the glass, then wiped with a clean cloth or paper, then the glassware or other utensils become shiny. 



2) Use potatoes to clean jewellery:

If the silver or other ornament gets stained or their colour is fading, boil the potato and dip the ornaments in the remaining hot water or rub the sliced potato, so it can regain its old shine.


3) Use potatoes to heal headaches:

Applying sliced raw potato on the head reduces headaches. Applying grinded raw potato on the bruised skin help to recover the skin as well.

By doing so, injuries or pain are reduced and scars get disappear. Raw potato juice is also very useful for digestive-related problems.


4) Use potatoes to remove facial scars:

The use of potato juice removes blemishes on the face and also makes the face fair and smooth. The amount of potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, and calcium in potatoes helps in cleansing the skin. Applying a potato face mask once a week makes the skin glow.


5) Use potatoes as antiseptic:

If part of the body is burnt, applying slices of raw potato in those areas gives relief. Not only this, if there is any problem or itchy in any part of the body, rubbing raw potato also gives relief.

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