Worried About Your Hair Loss? Do This To Prevent Hair Loss

Lately, most people are suffering from hair loss. With the change of seasons, the problem of hair loss increases.


Especially, in winter, the problem of hair loss becomes more and more serious.


कपाल झर्ने समस्या


Most of the women are scared when they see their hair brush or comb the reason for that is the hair sticking together with hair brush or comb.


Do you also suffer from hair loss and want to get rid of it? If so, give special attention to the following. 




Here Are Some Tips To Stop Or Avoid Hair Loss:


1) Do Not Wash Hair With Hot Water:

Do not use hot water while bathing or showering as far as possible. Hot water makes your hair rough and increases the risk of hair loss/fall.

Even if you have to use hot water in cold weather, use lukewarm water. It makes your hair look good.


2) Oiling Your Hair Regularly:

Make a habit of applying oil regularly to your hair if you are facing hair loss. Before washing your hair don't forget to massage the hair with oil or at least apply oil on the hair.

It is also advisable to use a good conditioner while washing the hair after applying the oil. Doing so retains the moisture of the hair.


3) Use Oil While Brushing/Combing Your Hair:

Even if you use oil while brushing or combing your hair, it will help to prevent hair loss.


4) Take Vitamins:

Vitamin D is important for hair. For this, you need to eat food containing various omega 3-6, keratin, and biotin.


5) Eat Banana:

Consumption of bananas is considered good for healthy hair. Mix honey, neem, or olive oil with banana paste and apply on hair and cleanse after 30 minutes. It also helps to remove dandruff.


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