What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk (With Video And Photo Gallery)

We all are well-known with soft drinks, especially Coca-cola. We all use to drink coca-cola quite often. But none of us thinks about Coca-Cola's mixed composition.


Did anyone think about mixing coca-cola with milk? Let me tell one thing, may many knows about it, when we add some sugar in the bottle or can of coca-cola it boils with lots of bubbles and comes out of the bottle. But here we are talking about mixing coca-cola with milk, so let's see this fact here. 


This is apparently what happens when we mix coca-cola and milk together.

What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk
What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk




If You want to know more about this process then simply see the video below which is about 2 minutes long and has been viral all over the world.


This video had been viewed more than 3.8 million times till now from the date. This experiment video was first uploaded on YouTube on January 1, 2015.



If you watch the above YouTube video, You can see what really happens when we mix milk and coca-cola together.


After an hour, you will see the liquid in the bottle of coke becoming clear because brown sediment starts sinking to the bottom of the coke bottle.


So one critical can be raised here: How exactly can this “invisible soda” be created?


This separation happens due to a chemical reaction between milk and phosphoric acid.


When molecules of phosphoric acid are attached to the molecules of milk, their density increases, and they start separating from the rest of the liquid and sediments on the bottom of the Coca-Cola.


And Remaining liquids which have less density as compared to the molecules of phosphoric acid and milk start floating on the top of the bottle.


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