Tips for Growing Long And Healthy Hair In Short Time: Beauty Tips

Everybody desires to have long and healthy hair that increases their beauty and personality.


Hair plays a vital role in beauty, so everyone wants to grow hair too fast. So below are the ten tips on how to grow healthy hair naturally in a very short time.


Steps on growing long and healthy hair quickly


1) Get rid of the split ends. You may want to visit your local salon if you have any split ends. Do this about every six months.

Doing so will make your hair appear much healthier, cut 1/2 inch every six months or an inch a year. Any more than that will make your hair grow really slowly.


2) Pay attention to your health. Health is another important factor in hair growth. If you’re not eating healthy, your hair will not be healthy, either.

Try a diet that consists of fruits and veggies, because they are filled with vitamins and protein. 



3) Brush your hair and/or stimulate your scalp. Stimulating blood flow to your scalp is another proven way to speed up the growth process as well. Massage your scalp while conditioning for 2-5 minutes.

However, take care to brush your hair with soft bristles, and don't brush too often. Brushing your hair stimulates the scalp, but it also can cause breakage and will pull healthy hair from your head, making your hair look thinner.


4) Put away the blow dryers and the flat irons. The heat can be very damaging to your hair. Let it air dry instead. If you need to blow dry hair, use a diffuser.

If you flat iron your hair, buy a flat iron with ceramic plates(ceramic plates are less damaging to the hair). Also if you’re a flat iron user, try and cut down on using it every day. Try using it once a week instead.


5) Do NOT brush your hair when wet. Brush your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. When hair is wet, it is very elastic and easily causes breakage.


6) Replace your bristled brush with a wide-toothed comb. Doing so can prevent breakage.


7) Don’t wash your hair every day. When you wash your hair every day, you’re getting rid of all the oils your hair produces, which is a big plus to your hair health.

Getting rid of these oils can cause your hair to become dry and frizzy. Consider washing your hair every other day instead. Or if you suffer from oily hair, consider picking a day to replace your shampoo and only use your conditioner.

If you have curly hair, cut down to only using shampoo once a week. Wash every other day if your hair is short (short hair looks oilier faster when not washed), and wash every two or three days if your hair is longer.


8) Don’t tie your hair when wet. When you do so, it increases breakage. If you do happen to tie your hair, consider using hair elastics without any metal ends.


9) When getting out of the shower, do not dry your hair with a towel! Dry your hair with an old cotton t-shirt without any lettering, you may want to do it inside out (doing so can reduce breakage and frizz).


10) Last but not least, have patience. Growing out hair is a long process, but by following these steps, you can have the length you desire in no time.


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