Tips For Making Shiny And Smooth Hair

Today, everybody wants to be attractive and beautiful. But cannot find out the solution to “how to make shiny and smooth hair”. As we all know that hair plays a vital role in everyone's beautiful looks.


At first, people tend to notice the hair of everyone either that is male or female. So if we have fair and shiny hair it looks more attractive than other. Hair automatically makes the appearance of the face.



So it is essential to manage the hair and make it attractive. Almost everyone on this planet is worrying about their hair. And still cannot find out the solutions for making hair shiny and smooth.


So don’t be worried you can find the simple steps on how to make the hair shiny and smooth. They are as follows: 



1) Brush or comb your hair carefully. If there are any knots in your hair you can simply use the hair detangler only on that knot.


2) Use hair serum from any brands. You also need to use thermal protection serum if you’re going to use heat styling products on your hair.

If you have hair hard to brush (frizzy hair) then you need to use Anti-frizz thermal protection. Do not use heat protectant agents.


3) After washing hair or having a shower, stop rubbing your hair with a towel as it tends to cause breakages and damage to the wet hair shaft.

Instead, use a hair dryer adjusting the low and cool settings. Because hair gets damaged easily when it is wet.


4) If you are really desiring to maximize the health of your hair, it is good applying coconut milk to your hair.

On your dry hair, simply pour some coconut milk or oil all over the scalp, and after that use a shower cap to cover your hair and leave it for about 30 minutes.

Rinse your hair. You may use shampoo and conditioner. Thus, you can have healthy, manageable, soft, and smooth hair all day by frequently using coconut milk or oil.


5) If you want better results, apply oil to your hair and leave it overnight and rinse the hair with shampoo the next morning. This process is very crucial during the Winter and/or if you are living in a cold region or climate.


6) Occasionally you can visit a hairdresser every 6-12 weeks for trimming your hair because long hair is much more prone to breakage.


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