Tips For Making Eyes Beautiful And Attractive- Eye Makeup Tips

The eyes are the most sensitive organ, so we should be careful while taking eye makeup tips and take care of it. The structure of eyes varies from person to person.



Those who are blessed with almond-shaped eyes are really considered to be lucky as they have to be the ideal eyes. So when doing the eyes makeup, do the according light and dark changes and give your eyes the almond shape.


There are various eye makeup tips to make your eyes more expressive. Some tips are as below: 

This Is What Happens When Famous Brands Start Manufacturing Condoms

Everyone might be wondering what will happen if the world's famous brands start manufacturing condoms.


Let's imagine that the world's famous brands start making condoms. And of course, they will produce a condom range with maintaining their logo and tagline.



The slogan or message that comes out of the packaging will be really funny and exciting.


Here are some of the funny slogans of condoms if famous brands started manufacturing condoms.

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What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca-Cola? And What Is The Real Use Of Coca-Cola?

Many of us drink coca-cola when we are thirsty or feel hot. We feel good drinking CocaCola and it is found everywhere that we do not have to carry water or something else for thirst. So it is highly practiced. But do anyone of us knows the real use of Coca-Cola?


And are we aware of coca-cola and do we know its side effects? What is the real use of coca-cola? Have you ever wondered what exactly Coca-Cola or any other beverage is and what reactions they do?


Let us see its effects on humans on a time basis right after drinking coca-cola.



What Happens To Our Body After Drinking Coca-Cola:


After 10 minutes: The sugar (about 10 teaspoons based on your daily intake) contained in a glass of CocaCola can cause a highly destructive or damaging strike on our body. People won’t vomit immediately from a large amount of sweetness due to the presence of phosphoric acid in coke. Because phosphoric acid present in Coca-Cola prevents the action or process of sugar. 

The Person With This Condition Should Not Eat Garlic

Generally, we use garlic to make food tastier. But it is rich in various proteins that help to keep our body healthy. Like others, there are also some negative aspects of garlic.


Besides improving health, garlic also saves us from some harmful diseases too.



Garlic is widely used in the treatment of joint pain, coughs, headache, stomachache, sinus congestion, gout, hemorrhoids, asthma, bronchitis, shortness of breath, and much more. 

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Drinking Coffee

Before discussing on merits and demerits of drinking coffee, it would be better if we know some history about coffee. So, with the number of reports of its first use history of coffee goes as far back as the 13th century.


There is thought that the pure native population of coffee has come from East Africa, especially from Ethiopia. But Coffee was cultivated first by Arabs in the 14th century.



And in the 16th century coffee had reached all over the Middle East, Turkey, Persia, and Northern Africa. Thereafter coffee then starts spreading to Italy, the Balkans, the rest part of Europe, Indonesia, and at last to America.


Some Points or facts about the advantages and disadvantages of drinking coffee are mentioned below on the basis of the number of cups or times we drink coffee. 

What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk (With Video And Photo Gallery)

We all are well-known with soft drinks, especially Coca-cola. We all use to drink coca-cola quite often. But none of us thinks about Coca-Cola's mixed composition.


Did anyone think about mixing coca-cola with milk? Let me tell one thing, may many knows about it, when we add some sugar in the bottle or can of coca-cola it boils with lots of bubbles and comes out of the bottle. But here we are talking about mixing coca-cola with milk, so let's see this fact here. 


This is apparently what happens when we mix coca-cola and milk together.

What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk
What Happens When Coca-Cola Is Mixed With Milk

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Religious people watch more and more pornographic movies

According to research, people who practice religion, i.e. spiritual/religious people, are found to be very addicted to pornographic movies or pornographic content.


These people are more likely to watch pornographic material than normal people.


Joshua Guber, the lead author of the study and a student studying psychology at Case Western Reserve University, said the results of the study surprised everyone.



Because we don't expect such sexual things from religious people. 

Don't Ever Eat These Foods With Milk

Milk is one of the most nutritious foods we use in our daily life. Especially for vegetarians, milk is the best and most reliable nutritious food.


Milk has many health benefits. And it also benefits the brain a lot. If we drink a glass of milk daily, it will be very beneficial to our brain.


cow and milk


We should be careful while consuming milk with other foods. The following are the conditions under which milk should not be used: 

Meaning Of Sex Dreams And What They Actually Mean

It is said that desires that are suppressed or cannot be found in real life are manifested in dreams. In the same way, suppressed sexual desires are also overwhelmed by dreams (Sex Dreams).


According to various studies, most young people want to have a dream where they can meet their loved ones and have sex.



So it is taken normal to see having sex with someone in a dream. Many of us take it lightly and don't care why we dream like this.


But sexologists say that sexual intercourse in a dream depends on a person's sexual relationship with others and their psychology.


What is the meaning of sex dreams and what do sex dreams actually mean?